Doris Minor

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Doris. She’s my third Morris Minor and is quite unlike either of the previous two (Oscar and the £500 eBay Moggy).

Doris Minor

She was sourced through the owner’s club with the help of some very knowledgable people. I think she’s a beautiful car. A real credit to her previous owner, and I’m happy that he and I have become friends. I am her sixth owner in fifty-nine-years.

She is a Minor 1000. She was first registered in June 1961 and left the factory fitted with trafficators, rather than indicators, and a 948cc engine.

Spot the trafficator.

During an extensive restoration in 2012, she was upgraded to a 1098cc engine with a Ford type 9 five-speed gearbox. Her front drums were upgraded from 7” to 8” for extra stopping power.

She still retains her original working trafficators, though flashing indicators have been retro fitted.

Life’s a beach.

I look forward to getting her out and about in the coming months and years. I hope you’ll enjoy following her adventures.